Summer at "the house"

Are you as excited for summer as we are? It’s been pretty steamy but we found some amazing relief from the heat when we worked on the new book “Chill: Deliciously Fresh Ways to Drink To Your Health.” The entire book is filled with recipes for smoothies, slushes, shakes, juice, drinks & ices courtesy of the culinary geniuses at Cooking Light

Recipes include a Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate Smoothie, Orange Cream Shake, a S’mores shake and Mexican Chocolate Ice (no we’re not joking). Too sweet for you? How about a Spicy Mango Granita? All of the recipes are healthy and (to quote the back of the book) “so worth the brain freeze!” 

We had a ball doing a full day of TV & Radio interviews with the always delightful Allison Fishman Task. We couldn’t help but use as many phrases as possible that incorporate the theme of the book like, “ices are our new vices.” We’ll spare you the others but all in all it was a great day at “the house!”