Secrets of Everlasting Youth from the Guru

There is a whole new group of women coming of age and they feel they are “too young” to associate their uncomfortable bodily symptoms with hormonal decline. They just figure that the weight gain, or the bloating or the inability to sleep is part of being a busy mom/wife/career woman and juggling a hundred things at once. Today’s lives are so stressful that it is accelerating aging and that acceleration is determined by hormones that become blunted due to stress and toxicity.     

In her new book,  I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS! Suzanne Somers breaks the silence and informs women, as young as 35, what to do when they start to experience hormonal shifts that wreak havoc on their lives, prime them for cancer and other chronic and deadly health issues, and make them feel plain miserable. 

 We had the pleasure of working with the ultimate women's health pioneer and passionate healthcare advocate today and we'll just come out and say it...aging never looked so good. 


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